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Hamline Career Cast

Aug 10, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Ayn sits down with Rin Heise to discuss a topic that has generated interest year after year at Hamline; AmeriCorps and specifically College Possible. Rin shares with us her journey from her first year on campus to her volunteer work post-graduation.

August 2020 Update: Since recording her podcast episode, Rin has started and graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Masters in Education in the Higher Education program. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts and is seeking positions at nearby colleges and universities related to student support/advising/affairs and administration. COVID-19 is forcing her to be flexible and look at Plan B and Plan C options. She is working on a TEFL certificate online to teach English online while job-searching.

“Some advice I have for current students is to take care of themselves first and foremost, but be sure to be in touch with their professors. Hamline is a place where, in my experience, professors notice when you’re gone from class and appreciate hearing from you to know you’re ok. Do whatever you need to do to focus during your online classes- they still count! 

For graduating seniors, my advice is to celebrate your accomplishment- really, you deserve it! Then, look for work that can be completed virtually for the time being. While you’re looking, use LinkedIn Learning (or any online learning platform) to take some free classes to help you build skills to make you an even more attractive job candidate (in addition to your degree from a mighty fine university). What I’ve found helpful for my job search is to keep an updated spreadsheet of a diverse group of organizations along with contacts at each organization. These contacts were found via the alumni networks at Hamline, Harvard, and my AmeriCorps network (LinkedIn search). Use this time to build connections!”

Want to connect with Rin? Find her on LinkedIn or send an email to .