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Hamline Career Cast

Aug 17, 2020

Cat Polivoda owns Cake Plus-Size Resale - a body positive, plus-size thrift shop in Minneapolis, MN. Focused on fostering a shop space and local community centered on radical self love and size-acceptance, she is dedicated to making plus-size fashion more accessible and affordable. Cat graduated from Hamline University is 2010 with majors in Global Studies and German.

She was an Assistant Area Coordinator for Manor and Sorin, was active in HUSC, participated in Catalyst trips, hosted her first clothing swap with friends as a student… the list goes on. Cat has a master’s degree in Training & Development and extensive experiences working and teaching at various colleges and universities across the country. She even co-hosts her very own body-positivity podcast, Matter of Fat, with a fellow Piper (Saraya Boghani, '12).

In conversation with our own Ayn Rassier, Cat talks to us about the ups and downs of owning a business, how she found her passion and what advice she has to promoting your own unique interests. Her story spans her time as an undergraduate student, her foray into graduate school, life changes and cross-country moves all while cultivating a business. From humble beginnings to establishing her very own culture-creating store, we get the inside scoop! 

Do you have questions or concerns? Are there topics you'd like us to cover in an episode? Please email us at Thank you for listening!