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Hamline Career Cast

Nov 1, 2017

Hamline University is unique in the way it requires students to incorporate outside experiences into their education. In this episode, Jane Turk, the High-Impact Learning Practices Coordinator in the Center for Teaching and Learning sits down with Lauren Kavan, the CDC's own Internship Program Director to give you a rundown about LEAP. Why is it important? What makes Hamline so special? What can getting a P-credit do for you? All that information and more in episode 5. 

*Note: Lauren DOES say 'weekly podcast' at the end of this episode. Since the recording of this episode, we have updated our posting schedule to be bi-weekly.

High-Impact Learning Experiences information: 

Internship information:

Jane can be reached at and Lauren can be reached by calling 651 523 2302 or via email at